Kidney Dialysis Access

Patients who have kidney failure will require some form of dialysis to remove the toxins from the blood. This can be by haemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis.

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Patients who undergo haemodialysis need to have an access to connect them to the dialysis machine. In the initial period, catheters (special plastic tubes) are inserted through the skin into the large veins in the neck or chest to allow the dialysis machine to be connected to draw out blood and pump blood back into the patient.


In the long term, surgery will need to be done to create a tube under the skin where needles can be inserted into to draw out blood and pump blood back into the body


This tube can be fashioned from the patient’s own vein. This is called an Arterio-Venous Fistula. If the patient’s own vein is not suitable, then a graft (prosthetic tube made of a special material) can be inserted under the skin to create an Arterio-Venous Graft.


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During your consultation in Nexus Surgical Associates, Dr Lee Chee Wei will discuss with you the options and perform an ultrasound scan of the blood vessels in your arm to see which vessels are suitable to be used to create an ArterioVenous Fistula.


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