Nexus Surgical Associates is a General Surgical group practice. We harness the strengths of our different surgeons to provide a comprehensive surgical service. With a combined experience of more than 50 years in General Surgery, our surgeons possess the expertise in diagnosing and treating general and complex surgical conditions.


With a passion for surgical excellence, our surgeons use cutting-edge techniques as well as evidence-based cost-effective strategies to ensure safe care with good outcomes. We are also dedicated to provide patient-centred care that is appropriate, affordable and accountable.


Dedicated to Patient Centred Care | Passion for Surgical Excellence

Conditions & Treatments

Colon and Rectum

The colon and the rectum together form what is commonly called the large intestine, which is the last part of the digestive tract. The large intestine is about 1.4 to 1.6..

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This includes both colonoscopy and gastroscopy. As diseases of the colon and stomach are quite common, colonoscopy and gastroscopy are useful tools for us to evaluate our patients. Today’s advancement in..

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When there is a weakness in the muscles of our abdominal wall, the internal organs may protrude through this weakness, and present as a lump. This lump typically disappears on lying..

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Laparoscopic Surgery

This is also known as Keyhole Surgery. Using small holes between the sizes of 5mm to 15mm, surgeons can perform many operations which in the past requires big wounds. This means..

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The pancreas is an organ located at the upper abdomen, and it lies behind the stomach. Within the pancreas is a system of small tubes, also known as pancreatic ducts, which..

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Cancer Surgery

Cancers of the organs that make up the digestive system, such as colon cancer, liver cancer, pancreas cancer, stomach cancer, etc can be potentially cured by surgery if the cancer is..

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Liver and Gallbladder

The liver is the largest internal organ in our body. It performs more than 500 different vital functions. One of which is the liver act like a detoxifier of the body,..

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Stomach and Weight Loss

Gastric pain, bloating and reflux are very common complaints. Some patients just use the word “gastric” to describe their discomfort. We will then evaluate them to check if the problem lies..

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Vein and Vascular Surgery

The vascular system is part of the circulatory system. It consists of tubes called blood vessels which transport blood through the entire body. The heart serves as the muscular pump, which..

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